At HobbyFirst, we discovered that the animal nutrition branch was behind other consumer markets. There hasn’t been a revolutionary makeover of the sector in the last decade and innovations were hard to find. Were they really hard to find? Not really, but they were never properly communicated. And that’s what it’s all about: communicating perfectly, completely and transparently with clients all over the world.

The days of selling feed in a white bag without giving any related information are over. Animal owners want to be surrounded with information when buying feed for their beloved animals.

They want to connect with a brand, feel comfortable buying this nutrition and giving it to their pet. The product and brand should represent all of this. At HobbyFirst, we listened to the market, distributors and consumers, which resulted into the most complete range of hobby feeds. Packaging is developed with care and consumers can find their way in the product range through different perspectives.

With passion, authenticity, expertise and pureness, HobbyFirst offers added value to the pet feed branch.


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4 life stages

We could not make it easier

We’ve created animal feed for every phase of life of your animals.

A new start

Healthy, tasty and high quality animal nutrition

We introduced HobbyFirst and over 80 products at Interzoo.

4 brand values

This is what we stand for


Passion, craftmanship, authenticity and pure: these are the values we stand for.

Over 80 products in 4 categories



More than 80% of our range can be catalogued in this product category. This is our most common used high quality animal nutrition in a low to middle price range.

Recognizable because of the wooden background in white, same as the corporate background of HobbyFirst. Every packaging is marked with a black original stamp.

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An extension of the original range for “non-feed” products. These are supplementary products that are useful to give additionally to any feed. Depending on the product, Original+ can be given as a treat or as a supplementary product to make stronger and healthier animals. Recognizable because of the Original style, finished with a stylish green cross.

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What’s good for humans, is for animals too, even though the price is slightly higher. For consumers who want to give more special ingredients and feed structures, we developed our Wellness category.

Recognizable because of the wooden background in grey and the golden stamp which make this category stand out.

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Sometimes breeders and show participants are mixing themselves ‘pure’ raw materials into tailor made animal nutrition for their animals. We not only want to help them with advice on the perfect mixing degree for them, we also offer the raw materials in our Pure category.

Recognizable by the natural brown wooden background with a white pure stamp

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