Our History

Our expertise, since 1840

Our passion for excellent, healthy animal feeds dates from 1840 when our family established a small company. Initially, this store sold groceries, grains and flour for domestic use. The company was handed down from generation to generation. Soon the store diversified, starting to produce and process grains into its own animal feed as well as selling goods. The key to the products’ success was the selection of qualitative raw materials. Pure grains and seeds that were mixed in the right quantities for all kinds of poultry. That was their speciality.

History 1

Revenue continued to increase, creating opportunities for further investments. The knowledge of compound feeds for livestock farming helped us optimise our animal feeds for pets. Whether you are passionate about animals or raise them for a living, you will find something to your liking in our healthy and tasty animal feeds for all creatures great and small. But the buck doesn’t stop there. We continue to invest in research and development and animal health to continue to market high-level animal feeds.

Nowadays, our animal feeds are produced on different production sites, which each specialise in a field and are fitted with custom production equipment. Large batches of raw materials are shipped to the plants by barge, not by lorry. Our logistical system is founded on efficiency and flexibility. We carefully monitor the stocks from our central warehouse, where we also process orders. Outgoing pallets are optimally stacked to ensure the goods are transported to the customer in the best possible conditions. Thanks to our location near major western European ports, we are able to export containers with very little logistical handling and transport. The outcome? A minimal carbon footprint.