Choosing your animal feed? Follow the numbers!

Even the smallest among us will be able to find the right feed from the shelves. HobbyFirst defined 4 life stages, each with its own number and colour. We start with number 1 for the youngest animals and we go to number 4 for the maintenance phases.

You can find the life stage number very clearly indicated on the front of the packaging. However, not every animal group has 4 life stages and some don’t even have any at all. Think about small animals. They can start eating right from birth as soon as their teeth appear until they get very old.

Stages of Life in our Parade range

Feed for new-born or still very young

Growing phase, let’s say teenagers

Feed for animals in their reproduction phase, mostly for poultry

Maintenance phase

Straightforward tables on every large bag help you choose the very best feed for your animals’ age.

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